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    Wifi Products for smart home solutions.

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    Z-Wave Products for smart home solutions.

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  • KNX

    KNX is an international standard for home and building automation. It allows for electronic control of lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as security and safety systems, addressing the needs of both residential and commercial users. It is based on open standards and offers manufacturers a wide range of interoperable products with high levels of reliability, flexibility and scalability.

  • DALI

    What is DALI communication protocol?

    The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) communication protocol is a protocol used for the control of lighting systems. It is based on a two-wire bus system and uses EIA-485 communication standards. DALI is able to control both individual lighting fixtures and groups of fixtures. The protocol supports a maximum of 64 lighting fixtures or groups.

    DALI is a superior protocol to analog systems because it allows for the exact control of each lighting fixture. With analog systems, it is difficult to maintain a consistent light level because each light fixture has its own individual dimming curve. DALI also provides features that are not available with analog systems, such as the ability to remotely update firmware and configure lighting scenes.

    To use the DALI protocol, lighting fixtures must be equipped with a DALI-compliant controller. These controllers are available from a variety of manufacturers. lighting fixtures can also be retrofitted with DALI-compliant controllers.

    The DALI protocol is specified in the IEC 62386 series of standards. The most recent version of the protocol is IEC 62386-102.

  • Matter

    MATTER is an open wireless protocol designed to seamlessly turn Smart Home devices into mesh networks. Using the MATTER protocol, devices can easily communicate with each other, enabling configuration, control and monitoring from any device connected to the network. The protocols supported in MATTER context are WiFi, Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh.

  • TUYA

    Read more about Tuya here.

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