Terms and conditions of use

Current prices

All prices include 25% VAT as specified on the invoice. If you are registered as a corporate customer, you can see your prices, prices are then excl. VAT.
The price stated on the checkout and on the order confirmation applies unless otherwise agreed.

If we have set the "wrong" price, then we will be sure of that.


The goods are paid with:
Prepayment to bankgiro, bank account or by card (Paypal, Mastercard, Visa).
(In case of bank tramsfer, payment instructions are received at checkout and by e-mail after completion of purchase)

Payment for invoice and payment

Contact Us.


Delivered goods remain in LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB's ownership until full payment has been made.


The invoice attached to the delivery is your guarantee certificate.
Our products provide a 2 year warranty.
The guarantee does not include transportation and travel expenses.
In case of a dispute, we will follow the General Complaints Board's ruling.

Return Policy

You always have the right to withdraw from your purchase. The withdrawal period of 14 days will not start until you have received your goods. When returning / repayment, the customer always pays the return.
Attach a copy of your invoice upon return, as well as indicate the reason for the return. As a condition of return, the product is unused and error free. Before returning any item (for whatever reason) please contact us to avoid misunderstandings.
Return Address is our regular address, see Contact.

Environmental policy

Why we started with LED lighting 2008 was inspiration to reduce environmentally hazardous products on the market such as low energy lamps that include Quicksilver. By using more LEDs, we save large amounts of energy and reduce emissions. Since the LED has a long service life, we will also reduce the amount of hazardous waste.
LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB also protects the environment by using as environmentally-friendly packaging as possible.

The energy source at LEDPLACE SWEDEN is only windpower and solar!


All factual information on LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB's website is subject to printing errors and if the manufacturer has provided incorrect information.
LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB reserves the right to sell goods and to remove an item without notice. delivery problems, price increases, etc.
For sale to an authorized or a minor, the goalkeeper's written approval is required.
Registered trademarks, names and pictures appearing on the website may not be reused without the permission of the copyright holder.
If you find something incorrect or unclear in our e-store, please contact us so we can fix the error as soon as possible.

Cookies Information

As of July 25, 2003, the Act on Electronic Communications applies. According to that law, the person who visits a website should be informed of what cookies are used for and given the opportunity to refuse such use. A cookie is a small text file that provides information that provides technical support that in various ways aims to improve for users when visiting a website. This text file is added to the web user's own computer.
Two types of cookies:
There are two types of cookies - permanent and temporary. In the LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB e-Store, these two types of cookies can be used.
Temporary cookies (session cookies) are used to keep track of when a customer is logged in and which display mode / language / currency the customer has chosen. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.
Permanent cookie is used to retrieve content in the cart so you do not need to log in to see what you previously added to the cart.
Anyone who does not accept the use of cookies can change settings in their browser so that it does not allow cookies.

General information about cookies and the new electronic communications act can be found on the National Post and Telecom Agency's website.

Personal data

LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB's warns about the customer's personal integrity. Below is some information about how we store and manage personal data.
When you shop with us, we save names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. This is information we need to deliver the product to you via the freight forwarder, and contact you if we have any questions regarding your order. We are also required to provide the information in connection with our financial reporting, fee management and possible warranty / return management. For security reasons, we also store the IP address of the computer for which the ordering is made. This information can be viewed as a customer by signing in to the account.
We have a number of email lists that we use to send out information and offers to our customers. Of course, it is voluntarily to participate in these lists. Registration / unsubscribe is easy through the account pages.

LEDPLACE SWEDEN AB has the policy of never sending personal information to third parties.

Last updated 2018-03-17